The attractive Sylt Island in Germany

Sylt Island in Germany

Sylt Island Germany

Sylt Island – Attractive and with great service!

Because Sylt Island is a little bit like a “Germany’s Mallorca”, it is perhaps not surprising that you experience an extraordinary service.

All the restaurants and eateries we visited on Sylt had excited helpful and amazingly service minded personnel.

Westerland – Principal place of German jet set island of Sylt

You get there by car on train after approx. 40 minute ride from Niebull on the mainland.

Westerland is the place to be if you want a bit of life and close to a wide selection of shops, excellent restaurants and nice pubs.

Restaurants and Pubs


Service is on top of everything so you can confidently choose according to taste and grace among restaurants with Italian, Asian, and German with specialties from Sylt.

The same applies to the pubs. Especially an Irish pub in Westerland was very good. Great atmosphere and live music some evenings.

Visit their Facebook page here for more information

Sylt Island in Germany

Beach promenade

The promenade that runs along the lovely beach has many outdoor cafes and a stage with musical performances regularly.

It is a fee to get to the beach area, and you get a ticket from the hotel for the duration of your stay.

Bring it with you if you are going to enjoy the beach life by day. Later afternoon and evening there was no control and probably free.


Beach Life and happy nudists

The beach is well organized and divided in various departments guarded beach, beach soccer, dog beach, textile and nudist beach (FKK).

FKK beaches

Sylt island was, just like Usedom Island early famous for naturism and nude bathing.

Therefore, it is still a major tourist destination for nudists, but anyway an island where everyone can enjoy the beach-life with or without clothes.

Nudist beaches on Sylt are clearly labeled FKK and there is also a combined dog / nudist-beach.

FKK beach can be found in both ends of the Westerland beach area. They are located about 2km from the center of the beach.

If you think it’s too long to walk, you can drive by the main road 2-3 km. north towards Westerland to a parking lot that is labeled FKK.


Places to stay

Sylt island is famous for its lovely spa hotels, and one of the is Dorint Strandresort & Spa right in the sand dunes near the beach promenade, and great spa facilities.

Overview of all hotels in Sylt

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