The village Sellin on Rugen Island

The village Sellin on Rugen Island


Sellin is a smaller resort than Binz, but has a very nice sandy beach and a friendly atmosphere.

The nice pier with its romantic restaurant on the water is the longest pier on Rugen at 394 metres and it’s the town’s main attraction. Perfect for a romantic dinner later in the evening, when you can enjoy the lovely views out over the Baltic Sea

Attractive Resort Architecture in Sellin
The village is also famous for its attractive seaside resort architecture, much of which is from the turn of the 19th and 20th century.

Wilhelmstrasse is the most famous street and best place to see many fine houses all in a row.

You can stroll along the Wilhelmstrasse and enjoy the beautiful resort architecture that is so typical of German Baltic Sea spas. At one end of the street there is a steep flight of stairs or a lift, leading down to the beach and the beautiful pier.

To see and do in Sellin

Besides beaches and good food Sellin offers a popular water park. And there’s another fun, watery attraction beyond the restaurant on the pier.

There’s a diving dome here that you can sit in while it is lowered into the water to look at life below the surface.

Moreover, most of the hotels have a spa and wellness theme. So there are great opportunities for relaxation, and it seems like that’s what most people come here looking for.


Spa tips on Sellin

With its location just a staircase away from the beautiful beach and the pier, the Kurhaus Sellin seen as the best spa hotel in town.

Other spa hotels include the
Cliff Hotel Rugen  and  Bernstein Hotel.

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