Berlin Tiergarten – the city’s  paradise for activities and chill-outs.

Berlin Tiergarten – the city’s paradise for activities and chill-outs.

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Berlin Tiergarten is the city’s  paradise for outdoor activities, sports and weekend chill-outs.

The best way to start the story about the Tiergarten is with explaining where it’s located.

When you say Tiergarten in Berlin, you most likely think of one of the following two things: the government, diplomatic and parliamentary district of the city and most popular Berlin’s park.

This second thing is what attracts thousands of visitors.

If you’re for a picnic, cycling, jogging, or just relaxing in the city center – Tiergarten is the best choice.

What’s not to be forgotten, when we’re talking about the Tiergarten, is mentioning the small lake Neuer See, that over the winter provides a wonderful winter landscape.

If you’re searching for a peaceful place to eat something delicious in the relaxing atmosphere of the park, there’s self-serving restaurant; peaceful spot called Rousseau Island and English Gardens for a walk, and coffee shop.

Little history of Berlin Tiergarten

The story about the park starts with the Grosse Tiergarten and the former private grounds of Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm and the 16th century, when it was first enclosed.

The first avenue of the area was arranged in the 17th century, and in 1740 first public gardens were opened. 19th century came with the fashionable English influences in designing the space, while the key year for transforming the green area into a landscaped park and the ZOO garden was 1844.

During the WWII, the park served as a vegetable garden and was used for the immediate necessities of firewood.

After the war, like in the case of most Berlin’s monuments, restoration began in 1949 with focuses on restoring as much vegetation as possible and they resulted with a beautiful park with diverse landscapes that is known to you today.

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This space of 210 hectares is extremely important to Berliners and it’s their favorite spot for playing ball games; having a family picnic.

During the summer season, on every Sunday, if you visit Berlin Tiergarten you’ll listen to the bells of the carillon – from the 42 meter high tower – it’s 68 bells is the 4th largest carillon in the world.

If you’re here, don’t miss visiting the popular ZOO and the entire neighborhood that is quite artistically driven.

Provocative artworks, sculptures and memorials will definitely inspire you and morning flea markets are the best choice to buy something unique to this area of Berlin.

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