Colossus of Prora on Rugen

Colossus of Prora on Rugen


Stroll along the beach approx. 4 km from Binz, or take the little train Prora Express.

A large construction on the east coast of Rügen in the middle of the mile-long bay between Binz and Sassnitz.

Prora is named after a hill on Rügen and would become a holiday resort for 20.000 guests.

Construction began in 1936, but because of the war, it was never quite finished.

Today it is a historical monument of the Nazi-era in Germany.

Not very nice, but interesting with its history.

Several museums are located at one end of the Colossus.

During 2014 – 2017 most of it was renovated to apartments.


Parts of the Colossus are now hostels and youth hostel where you can stay cheaply.

Links for more information;

DJH Jugendherberge Prora  – Youth hostel Prora

Prora Express train

Prora center website

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