Rheingau Wine Festival in Frankfurt, 31 August – 9 September 2022

Rheingau Wine Festival – outside the Old Opera in Frankfurt am Main

31 August – 9 September 2022

Wine festival Frankfurt

About Rheingau Wine Festival

At the beginning of September, you should visit Frankfurt, Germany.

Rheingau vintners are presenting their fine wines in the area of Frankfurt’s pedestrian shopping zone.

Each year, there are more than six hundred wines and sparkling wines that you can taste on the spot – and they all are coming from the Rheingau region – offered at 30 wine stands.

And for making a complete experience, organisers will also offer refreshments at food stalls to complement the wines.

Rheingau Wine Festival will take place at Freßgass, Große Bockenheimer Straße/Opernplatz – and it’s a festival with a tradition of almost 40 years.

That long tradition turns the venue into the longest wine bar globally and annually attracts several thousand visitors.

rheingau wine festival frankfurt

The Rheingau region

The Rheingau region runs west of Mainz, north of Rüdesheim and is considered one of the country’s most important wine-growing areas.

With around 3 thousand hectares of vineyards, the Rheingau region produced wines such as Riesling and Pinot Noir as far as Roman times.

So it’s not surprising that the area is so popular.

You are diving into the incredible journey of visiting small towns and villages along the Rhine; Monastery, the Germany Wine Academy, the historic winemaking town Rüdesheim and more.

Places to stay and hotel tips

Frankfurter Hof is a 19-century hotel situated just 5 minutes from the city’s Old Town and Opera.

Its restaurants offer Michelin star cuisine, and rooms are elegantly decorated, making an excellent mix of traditional and modern design.

frankfurt hof

This 5-star hotel has a Turkish bath and traditional barber’s shop, a spa with luxurious beauty treatments and a restaurant with delicious food.

It’s considered an excellent choice for travellers as it’s right next to the Willy-Brand Platz Station, while the city’s central station is just one stop away.

Things to do in Frankfurt
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