Störtebeker medieval games on Rugen Island 2021 Cancelled

Störtebeker medieval games, Rugen Germany

2021 Cancelled

Basic Information

When: Mondays to Saturdays during the period 19 June – 11 September 2021 (Cancelled)

Where: Ralswiek Rugen, Germany. The nature stage in Ralswiek is right by the road B96, 6 km north of the capital, Bergen auf Rügen, in the direction Sassnitz.

Map: Ralswiek on Google Maps

Official website:

Hotels: Hotels in Ralswiek

The festival is cancelled in 2021 but will be back again in 2022.


About Störtebeker medieval games

One of the most famous events on Rugen island is the annual Störtebeker Festival in Ralswiek.

Ongoing games Mondays to Saturdays.

Störtebeker is played on land and the water with over 150 participants, four ships, 30 horses, and many special effects.

Every night the show ends with a beautiful fireworks display.

More about Rugen

Rugen may be an unknown destination to many, but many people find their way here in the summer to visit this festival and the Blue Wave festival in June.

To find out more on the main page about Rugen!


An exciting place to stay

What could be more appropriate in connection with a medieval theme than to stay in a castle hotel?

Ralswiek Castle hotel is a beautiful historic building. Outside a beautiful park and has stunning interiors with antique furniture. And of course, you are on Rugen, so naturally, you get a modern spa-area here.

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