Elb Jazz Festival in Hamburg , 3 – 4 June 2022

About Elb jazz festival

Enjoy Elb-jazz Festival in the port of Hamburg. Also, in extraordinary locations, such as a shipyard or an old freight ship.

Sometimes classic, bulky, lively, groovy, this festival is a fantastic mixture of professionalism and passion.

The entire concept conquers new spheres of all jazz genres.

It simply hits the audience’s wishes of what they think a great jazz festival should look like.

Elb Jazz Festival in Hamburg equally meets the expectations of both classic jazz audience and young music fans, who are often interested in some other jazz variations.

After the first festival was in 2010, comments on Elbjazz were;

“The city of Hamburg has never had such a festival” and “A sounding trail of light above the harbour” (The Hamburger Abenblatt).

So, the uniqueness of Elbjazz lies in the fact that everyone’s welcomed to these unique venues, no matter if you’re a genuine jazz enthusiast or completely new to the genre.

This festival gets people excited about jazz by showing more than 50 concerts packed in the finest festival music selection.


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