Windmills in Bruges

Windmills in Bruges

We often think of Holland for its windmills but Belgium has them too and there are a couple within just a short walk of Bruges’ city centre.

Most tourists do tend to stay in the heart of the city, but if you take a stroll away from the chocolate, the beers, and the crowds you’ll come across a couple of attractive windmills.

Set right on the edges of the historic centre these two windmills overlook the canal that encircles the city in a location far from the crowds.

It’s lovely and peaceful here, making it a good place to bring a picnic and sit on the grass, and if you rent a bicycle you can get here in just a couple of minutes.

st janshuis windmill in Bruges

St. Janshuis Windmill

Out of the two windmills that are set closest to each other, St. Janshuis is the oldest. It was built in 1770 and now houses a museum.

bonne chiere windmill Bruges

Bonne Chiere Windmill

Bonne Chiere Windmill is far younger, built in 1911, but it’s in the same architectural style, known as Staakmolen or post mill, as the first.

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