Seville, Spain – Rich Culture, Flamenco, festivals and a vivid nightlife

Seville, Spain

Rich History and Culture, Flamenco, festivals and a vivid nightlife

The capital of Andalusia, Seville, is home to over 700 thousand citizens, making it the fourth-largest Spain city.

Three things associated with Spain were born in Seville: flamenco, tapas, and bulls.

The city is culturally diverse with a rich flamenco heritage.

In the 19th century, the city was already a popular European tourist destination due to its beautiful architecture and rich culture.

Today, the city is buzzing with different festivals and vivid nightlife.

The tourism industry is flourishing.

Seville airport can handle 6 million passengers per year, and the train station has a high-speed train connection with Madrid.

Many improvements were made to the city’s infrastructure before the International Exposition of 1992.

Try Tapas

Another truly Sevillian thing, known all over the world, tapas are served all over the city.

Narrow streets and alleys of the centre of Seville are spotted with tapas bars, each one with its specialities.

flamenco in seville

Visit a Flamenco Show

You can’t say you’ve seen Seville without watching a flamenco show.

All year-round, in the evening, performances are held throughout the city.

Tablaos, by the way, are places where flamenco shows are combined with live music and great food.

Festivals in Seville and nearby

Semana Santa (The Holy Week)

Feria de Abril (Seville Fair)

Feria de Triana

Bienal Flamenco

Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera, not far from Seville.

Hotel Tips

You can find many good hotels to choose from in Seville.

Here are a couple of the best with good reviews from their visitors.

best hotel in seville

Hotel Casa del Poeta – Located in the very heart of Seville, only 250 meters away from Seville Cathedral and the iconic Giralda Tower.

All rooms are soundproofed, include a satellite TV, a minibar, a private bathroom, and free WiFi connection.

The hotel is wheelchair accessible, has a bar, provides airport transfers, and serves a great breakfast.

There is a wide variety of bars and restaurants situated nearby, most of them serving tapas.

Hotel Casa del Poeta will be a great choice to enjoy the Old Town’s historical atmosphere and cultural buzz.

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As the Old Town is very cosy, we prefer to stay there, and you are close to everything else as well.

But look around among all hotels this beautiful town has to offer and find one that suits you best.

More to see and do in Seville

Seville is known for its Moorish heritage, visible in colourful tiles, lobed arches of the palaces, and the iconic Giralda Tower.

Even if you are in Seville for just a couple of days, there are some must-visit places and must-do experiences which you can’t avoid.

sevilla spain

Seville Cathedral

The UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest cathedral in the world by volume.

This gigantic building is like a whole other world.

Marvellous architectural trimmings, historical ornaments, and relics, located within 80 different chapels, create a truly unique atmosphere.

The Giralda Tower in Seville

The Giralda Tower

The most recognized site of the city, the Giralda bell tower, is situated right next to the Cathedral.

Formerly, it was a minaret of the mosque, which stood at the spot of the cathedral.

The unusual thing about the tower is that there are 34 ramps inside instead of stairways.

It was made, so the Muezzin could ride his horse up instead of walking.

There are archaeological exhibitions all the way up, so you won’t get bored while climbing to the top of the tower, which you should do for a magnificent view and great photo opportunities.

alcazar of seville, spain

The Alcázar of Seville

Listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this marvellous palace complex is still in use by the royal family of Spain.

However, the chambers, the staterooms, and the upper-level halls are accessible to the public.

Seville, Spain

Plaza de España

They built it in 1928 for the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929.

The square was meant to celebrate the discovery of America by Spanish conquistadors.

The plaza was designed in a half-circle shape to face the river and greet the arrival of the American ships.

You can admire the beautiful bridges, which symbolise the four ancient kingdoms of Spain, canals, fountains, arcades, and 48 “azulejos” benches, which represent Spanish provinces.

There are stairs on the right side of the square, which lead to the terrace with a great panoramic view.

Must-See Museums

If you are a museum enthusiast or want to avoid the hot Spanish sun, consider visiting one or several of these museums:

Maria Luisa Park

The most significant green space in Seville, the famous Maria Luisa Park, is located right at Plaza de Espana.

It’s a perfect place to escape the crowd and the heat of the Spanish summer day!

Shadowed alleys, small lakes, ponds, and fountains create an atmosphere of peace and quietness.

Just what you need after a day of sightseeing, isn’t it?

You’ll find the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions and Seville Archeological Museum at the southern end of the park.

Both worth a visit if you are interested in the history and culture of the city.

The first one has a great collection of traditional Andalusian clothes, while the latter boasts a collection of artefacts from the Roman period of Seville.

How to get to Seville

Seville International Airport is within a 25-minute ride from the city centre.

You can take a taxi or use the bus service.

If you fly discount airlines (such as Ryanair), they often land at La Parra International Airport, situated 10 km away from Jerez de la Frontera, on the way to Seville.

The connection between Jerez de la Frontera and Seville is excellent.

You can get to Seville by bus, train, take a taxi, or rent a car.

Trains connect Seville with large cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona and small towns of Andalusia, such as Cordoba.

The railway station is situated at the eastern edge of the city and is easily accessible by public transport and taxi.

Bus service in Spain is punctual, comfortable, and while it’s just a bit slower than train connection, it’s often much cheaper.

Regular bus routes run between Seville and large cities, as well as small towns of the region.

Renting a car is a great option to travel between the Spanish cities.

However, within the city, public transportation is proven to be more convenient.

Seville has an excellent public transportation system, presented by metro, buses, and trams.

Taxi service is also quite common.

Most major sites are situated within walking distance and are easily accessible by foot.

Guided tours and more things to do in Seville

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