This excellent vacation offer is a perfect opportunity to meet the spectacular Spanish cities with all its attractions, so let’s not waste our time, and jump to the offer of things to see and do there day by day:


Day 1 – Madrid, Cordoba, Seville

This 5 day trip starts from the Spanish capital city – Madrid – to Cordoba, through the magical and quite legendary landscapes famous for Don Quixote, and after having lunch it’s the right time for a guided tour of the city of Cordoba – a unique mixture of Arab and Jewish culture.

After spending a very interesting afternoon in the city, it’s time for continuing to Seville, where you’ll take dinner and check in at your hotel.

Day 2 – Seville

Seville is an extremely beautiful city, famous for its cathedral, gardens and Santa Cruz quarter.

After breakfast – you’ll discover its beauty in a morning tour, while you’ll be able to spend an afternoon doing whatever you like, until dinner in your hotel.

The evening is reserved for a walk along the promenade, experiencing Seville’s night life, bars or maybe even a flamenco show, if you’re for it.

Day 3 – Seville – Ronda – Costa del Sol

On day three, your Spanish adventure continues by traveling to Ronda – a cliff top city that will leave you breathless.

In Ronda, you’ll have time for exploring the city at your leisure and find out why this place was so attractive over the year and decades, as it was often visited by some of the greatest legends such as Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway.

Leaving Ronda means you’re on the way to Costa del Sol, where you take dinner and leave your stuff in a hotel. Before that, you can relax on the magnificent looking city’s beach.

Day 4 – Granada – Alhambra – Generalife Gardens

You’ll leave Costa del Sol in the morning after breakfast, and take a spectacular scenic trip to Granada.

There’s so many things to see in this amazing city – the last Moorish city to be reconquered in 1492.

The fourth day of this journey also means visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Alhambra and Generalife Gardens – and these places are considered to be the highlights of this 5 day vacation in Spain.

Have a very tasteful dinner in your hotel, and spend a night by your plans.

Day 5 – Granada – Toledo – Madrid

After breakfast, the last stop on this epic journey is the Medieval town Toledo – a World Heritage imperial city with multicultural layering of different cultures.

This is really an appropriate end of your amazing vacation, a walk to the past of the city’s alleys, where you’ll have a guided tour with all information about the monuments, landmarks, past stories…

The only thing that’s left to do is to take the last part of this journey to Madrid, where this 5 day adventure ends.

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