Many towns on the French Riviera are known for their glamorous lifestyle and great beaches but there’s really only one that’s known for its topless beaches!

St Tropez has a number of beaches where clothing is optional, so if you’re easily offended by this kind of thing maybe this wouldn’t be a good place to visit!

If you don’t mind, or you want to join in with the topless brigade yourself, St Tropez has some excellent beaches, but there’s more to this town than just semi-nudity, so read on.

Getting here

Many would argue that by far the best way to get to this and any French Riviera resort  is by luxury yacht.

The jet-set have been visiting this glamorous resort town in this way for many years; chartering a luxurious private yacht and then sailing in to the town’s exclusive port.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to reach this beautiful town. The closest airport is in the nearby town of La Mole – the La Mole – Saint-Tropez Airport – though it’s very small and has a very limited selection of flights.

Several other airports along the French Riviera could be used as an alternative, including the Toulons-Hyeres Airport, about 50 kilometres (31 miles) away.

There’s direct service from Paris to here with Air France. The Nice Cote d’Azur Airport is another option, though it’s further away at approximately 95 kilometres (60 miles). Visit the Flight Routes page for more information on flights.

Driving in to the city can be a problem during high season because the old town is full of narrow streets and there’s limited parking.

If you are driving in you can check with your hotel about parking, or park in the city parking lot on the edge of town and take a ten minute walk in to the heart from there.


The beaches of St Tropez are one of its top attractions.

If you don’t want to venture from the town centre there are small and intimate beaches right here, but those a little farther out have more to offer.

Pampelonne Beach (picture abowe) is really the main one for the town; it’s about 5 kilometres (3 miles) out and has lots of facilities, and you’ll generally find topless sunbathing here.

Away from the beaches the old ‘village’ is very nice. It has narrow streets and numerous shops and galleries to peak inside.

On the waterfront you’ll find luxury goods being sold in these high-end stores, and the old port and the old citadel are popular spots too.
From the Citadel you get a fantastic view over the town and Mediterranean Sea.


Luxury and nice Hotels

If you need a place to stay, you have over 60 hotels to choose from.
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More than ten hotels are at the top end of the scale, offering 5 star service and facilities. Hotel de Paris Saint-Tropez is arguably one of the best.

It’s an interesting place that has an old world charm on the outside combined with modern amenities and contemporary styling inspired by the 1960s and 70s. It’s a two minute walk from the harbour.
You could also opt for a 19th century restored chateau in the hills overlooking St Tropez and Pampelonne Bay. Chateau de la Messardiere is great if you want to be a little bit outside the hustle and bustle of the town centre.
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Weather and climate

St Tropez is known for its beaches, and of course for its great beach weather.

Like the rest of the French Riviera this means plenty of sunshine and warm to hot weather during the summer months, plus mild and rainy winters.

July and August peak with an average high of 27C, or for fewer people and slightly cooler temperatures come in September when it reaches 24C. Saint-Tropez has 2748 hours of sunshine per year.