Colours in Roussillon, Provence


Roussillon is about. 50 kilometers from Avignon in Provence at the foot of the Monts de Vaucluse and is surrounded by a beautiful countryside.

The village is considered one of the most impressive in France. One tip is to take a day trip here.

Find accommodation near Roussillon, you have close to some of the most interesting villages in Provence. For example, Aix en Provence and Avignon.

Roussillon in France

As soon as you arrive this village, you will be fond of its atmosphere. Take time to stroll around the picturesque maze of streets.  At the top of the town, you get a great view of the countryside.

red cliffs in Roussillon

Red cliffs and artists’ paradise

Roussillon is known for its magnificent red cliffs and quarries. The red, yellow and brown hues against the blue sky makes this a magical place.

Many artists have obviously fallen in love with this place: Jean Cocteau, Carzou, Buffet, Ambrogiani, to name a few.


Galleries and restaurants

As in most places in Provence, just enjoy and relax. Here are several art galleries and studios to visit, and a number of excellent restaurants with really good food.

Directions Avignon to Roussillon. Click for larger map

Luxury hotel Provence

View from La Bastide de Gordes & Spa

Tips for comfortable accommodation in Provence, and near Roussillon

There are many great hotels for relaxation. Make sure you get one with an outdoor pool, so you can cool off after a hot day in Provence 🙂

An example is La Bastide de Gordes & Spa (picture above)

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