Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona, 1 – 5 June 2022

Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona

1 – 5 June 2022

About Primavera Sound Festival

Primavera Sound Festival has a strong commitment to music, and it showed it over a decade of its existence.

It’s one of the most successful festivals in this part of Europe and is among the most successful in Spain.

Primavera visitors have, during the years, enjoyed the world’s top music performers such as; Patti Smith, Arcade Fire, Lou Reed, The White Stripes, Public Enemy, Iggy Pop and many more.

The definition of music at Primavera Sound Festival can fit under a rock, pop, and Indie music beats.

And it’s annually held in Barcelona.

Food for everyone

In the Parc del Forum, you’ll find five restaurant areas with an offer of all kinds of food – from the local one to international to delicacies, vegan food, gluten-free etc.

Environmental commitment

Primavera Sound is also an environmentally committed festival, emphasising global problems such as climate change.

Primavera always initiate different awareness actions like waste collections and using sustainable materials.

These are essential questions of today’s society, and this kind of thinking is an excellent showcase to youths how vital our environment is.

So, come by foot or use bikes, don’t waste water and reuse your cup.

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