On the Green roads in France

On the Green roads in France

When you travel by car it is a good idea to drive a little outside the main highways.

7 July 2015

We are in France, just above Lyon, and decided to take the fee-free roads a while.

Just follow the green signs instead of the blue, and you suddenly find yourself traveling through small charming villages out on the country.

We were looking for a place to stay overnight and just wanted a quiet place with nice surroundings.

After two hours on the green roads, a nice place and hotel showed up, it felt like the whole village was empty and not many people to see.

At least some people were enjoying the sun and food at the outdoor restaurant in front of the hotel.

The village we ended up in was Neuville-sur-Ain. in the district of Rhône-Alps, just 65 kilometers north-east from Lyon.

The village is very quiet and charming with some narrow streets. A great place to just stay over night when traveling through Europe.

You find a petrol-station and small shopping-center here as well.

One of the stone buildings contained a bar called “Retro Bar” that looked exciting, but it was a little early and not so merriment here with only two people in the bar.

The river Ain runs through the village and makes a great surrounding together with all old stone buildings. Had a nice walk around the small village and it was very relaxing and peaceful.

From here we are slowly moving forward to the lovely beaches and attractions along Costa Brava in Spain.

Hotel Au Faisan Dore was just great. Had a beautiful backyard with a garden and pool. Here you could also have a good meal at the restaurant terrace.

The food and wine was excellent and you got good value for money here. The staff did only speak French, but was very friendly and helpful.

It’s somehow fun to use body-language and try to explain what you want in a language you not know much, that makes the journey more exciting and let you feel far away from home.

The rooms was also very good and fresh with comfortable beds. Price was really cheap, and we suggest you to check this out if you need a good place for a short stay.

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