Metronome Music Festival, Prague, 23 – 25 June 2022

Metronome Music Festival, Prague

23 – 25 June 2022

Metronome Music Festival Prague

Any time is a good time to visit Prague, but if you can get there for the weekend Metronome Music Festival takes place, then you are in for a real treat.

One of the biggest music festivals taking place in the center of a major city in June every summer.

This open-air festival will offer an impressive mix of big international names and local Czech artists, a cross-section of various genres and musical epochs, focusing on the hottest new sounds and the best of the past.

Getting there

Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport is about 30 minutes drive northwest of the city centre.

As a popular European destination, Prague’s airport is serviced by major airlines and budget carriers alike.

Take a bus, taxi, shuttle or private transfer to get downtown from the airport.

If you don’t already have some Czech koruna, you can exchange your currency at the airport for some of the local money.

The festival takes place at the Prague Exhibition Grounds – Vystaviste – in Holesovice Prague 7, a short distance from the centre of the city (hit the link in Basic Info box above to see a map of where in Prague this is).

Hotel tip Prague

absolutum boutique hotel prague

If you would like to stay close to the site of the Metronome Music Festival Prague, then Absolutum Boutique Hotel is a good choice.

Newly refurbished, this four star hotel offers great rooms at reasonable prices.

prague hotel absolutum boutique

Their suites are amazing with fabulous views and are extremely affordable (go on treat yourself!).

You can also find a wellness studio and a high-class restaurant here.

More things to do in Prague
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