This is probably the most fun day in The Netherlands – King’s Day, April 27

Probably the most fun day in The Netherlands; Kings Day

Every year on 27 April


The Dutch love a good party, and not many Dutch people will let the opportunity to celebrate Kings Day go unnoticed.

Celebrated in every little village in the country, but the parties in the main cities are something extraordinary.

After three generations of Queens, the Dutch now have a King and will have to get used to celebrating King’s Day instead of Queens Day.

The celebration is on April 27, the birthday of the Dutch King.

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Celebration in Amsterdam

King’s Day in Amsterdam will bring approximately seven hundred thousand people to the city on this special day.

Everyone is wearing some orange; Orange t-shirts, tutu’s, wigs or painted faces in red, white and blue.

When you arrive in the city by train, you do not have to fear that you will lose your way, follow the crowd and take your time to take in all the weird and wonderful activities.

In Amsterdam, the party starts on King’s Day Eve.

Pubs and cafés can apply for a license to sell low alcoholic drinks (lager, beer and wine) from beer tents in the street near their establishments.

Bars can set up a podium with speakers to perform live music to entertain the party-goers between 19.00 and 1 am on King’s Day Eve.

Watch street theatre or someone juggling balls. Try on a wonky bike and win a prize if you make it to the other end.

Stop for a snack and a drink; watch a concert on one of the squares.

There will be free concerts and music all over the city centre.

Kings Day Festival and parties in Amsterdam

On April 27, you can join one of all Kings Day parties in Amsterdam.

Lovers of techno, big-room house and hardstyle will have a grand celebration here, all with the luminous orange backdrop of a country in full party mode.

You can check out more about the parties and festivals here >>

For a more family-friendly celebration, you can check out the Bredeweg Festival.

Places to stay and Hotel Tips

The Westcord Art Hotel is just a 15 minutes walk from the historical centre of Amsterdam.

Colourful, modern rooms make this a go-to locale when you’re in the city.

The hotel has a unique art collection by the famous Dutch painter Herman Brood.

Enjoy the atmosphere, which includes a terrace with a bar.

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It is, of course, essential to book well in advance for Kings Day, especially in Amsterdam and other larger cities.

Party on the Canals!

However, you will find that not every party goer walks through the streets. Boats and floats full of party-goers will sail the canals.


Many boats of all sizes and shapes with their crew dressed in orange, either hooting party trumpets or having a proper brass band on board.

In Amsterdam, Rembrandt’s Square and Leidse Square are places to visit.

Syrup Waffles and snacks

When the Dutch have a drink, they like to snack as well.

Burgers, Vietnamese rolls, and snacks originating from the former colonies of the Netherlands are widely available.

You might like to try typically Dutch syrup waffles or buy a candy rock if you have a sweet tooth.


Big Flea Markets

Cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague are converted into massive flea markets, where children and adults alike can sell their used goods without a permit and without the need to pay tax.

If you plan to participate in the flea market on the actual King’s Day, you might want to arrive early to get a good spot, and King’s Day Eve is designed to keep the spirits high.

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