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The two small towns of Kalkan and Kas are often twinned together due to their proximity – they are approximately 16 miles (27 km.) apart from one another and both have prized locations on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, making them popular stops on Blue Cruises

Though close together these two tourist towns both have their own unique attractions, so do set aside some time to visit each of them.

They are popular with tourists but development has been carefully restrained, hence they’ve kept their beautiful features.

Kalkan Beach


Coming from Fethiye you’ll reach Kalkan first. From the compact harbor, homes, apartments, and small hotels make their way up the hillside, and it’s the combination of whitewashed and pastel colored walls that this old fishing town is famous for.

It’s a great little town to explore on foot, investigating the narrow streets that criss-cross the hillsides, and there are quaint, traditional Ottoman style balconies to see jutting out from many a building. The architecture of Kalkan is actually a unique mix of Ottoman and Greek.

Many Greeks inhabited the town until 1923, when they left following the Greco-Turkish War, but their influence remains. Today the attractive homes and buildings are made even more appealing by bountiful supplies of bougainvillea with their purples and reds accenting the white washed walls.



Pronounced ‘kash’, this town is of a similar size to Kalkan and it lies to the east along the coast. The harbour is larger here, and there’s a size able marina if you’re coming by yacht or gulet, so you should easily be able to dock here for the night if you want to explore the town in more detail.

Like Kalkan, Kas is built into a hillside, rewarding many properties and hotels with wonderful views of the Mediterranean.

The architecture is of a similar style too – balconies, whitewashed walls, and an abundance of beautiful bougainvilleas.

Kas does have one attraction over Kalkan though, and that’s the presence of ancient relics.

As you wander the attractive streets look out for the ancient Lycian structures which seem to be placed in the oddest positions. There’s a tomb, for example, in the middle of one street.


Kas Beach

After some sightseeing and walks you can relax on the nice sandy beach here in Kas.

Also within reach for a day trip there are several ruined ancient cities, including Myra in the nearby modern day town of Demre.

Myra is an impressive site as it has numerous Lycian rock tombs as well as a size able theatre, so this is one day trip that’s recommended for anyone with an interest in the ancient civilizations who lived here.

While there are many places around Turkey’s southwest coast where the diving is great, Kas is renowned as one of the best.

Coming here on a Gullet cruise tour you will have the chance to stop by some of the popular diving spots off the coast.

There are wrecks of ancient ships to explore, and if you need to rent some equipment or would like to take a few lessons, you can do all that while in Kas.

The fabulous Likya Residence Hotel & Spa

Places to stay

Being a relatively small town Kalkan doesn’t have too many luxury hotels to choose from, but it’s the quieter and more laid-back atmosphere of this town that appeals to many of its visitors.

If you do want to stay a night or two there’s the 4-star Happy Hotel near Kalamar Beach (Kalkan’s top beach), Likya Residence Hotel & Spa  or the 3-star Hotel Pirat with its panoramic views of the harbour.

Moonlight beach in Kemer

Kemer with nice beach and luxury hotels

If you prefer to stay in a luxury hotel travel further east towards Antalya and make a stop at the town of Kemer.

There are well over twenty 5-star hotels to choose from such as the fabulous Robinson Club Camyuva, – Fame Residence Kemer and Spa, and Crystal Aura Beach Resort and Spa.



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