Hotel Barcelo at the main train station Sants in Barcelona

Hotel Barcelo at the main train station Sants in Barcelona

From a week in Barcelona in February 2017

Barcelo Sants Hotel Barcelona

Ahead of an early departure, I checked in to the Barcelo Sants hotel, which is right at the Barcelona Sants train station.

It is a brilliant option if you are travelling by train and leaving early in the morning.

It’s also a great place to book if your train arrives in Barcelona late in the evening.

The high-speed train between Barcelona and Paris departs from here and almost all Metro and Underground lines connect to Barcelona Sants.

Next stop Paris before heading further to Cologne, where I’ll join the festivities at the Cologne Carnival late February 2017.

barcelo sants hotel barcelona

My tip for you

When booking a room at the Barcelo Sants Hotel Barcelona, my tip is to ask to stay in a room on the upper floors.

The higher up you are, the better the view!

You can see a large part of Barcelona and it’s a great spot to watch the sun go down (or the sun come up if you are an early riser!).

barcelo sants hotel barcelona

Great rooms and beautiful views

Clean, modern, spacious rooms with very comfortable beds – just perfect!

The rooms might be minimalist in style, but they have everything I needed from free WiFi, tea and coffee, to rain showers, and the view was an added bonus.

Standing at the floor to ceiling windows, looking out over Barcelona and drinking in the vista below was a real treat.

You can head down to eat at one of the two restaurants or stay in and order room service for dinner with a view.

hotel barcelo sants - breakfast room

Breakfast and Service

Being so close to my departure point, meant I had time to enjoy a wonderful breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

It’s a big restaurant catering to a large volume which you hardly notice as everything was so well set up and flowed smoothly.

Service was great from the moment I checked in til the moment I checked out.

I’m already looking forward to my next stay!

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