Holland International Blues Festival in Grolloo, 9 -11 June 2022

Holland International Blues Festival in Grolloo, The Netherlands

9 -11 June 2022

Holland International Blues Festival is a relative newcomer to the festival scene, although Grolloo has a long history with blues.

In 2016, the first edition of the Holland International Blues Festival took place.

The village Grolloo is where the now legendary Cuby & the Blizzards come from, and it’s now home to this international blues festival.

It aims to position itself as a leading festival for the blues genre, where the masters of the game and new talent alike can showcase their skills to the world.

You’ll find the festival site in the heart of Grolloo, behind Cafe Restaurant Hofsteenge.

Getting there

If you’re coming by public transport from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, you can train directly to Assen.

Grolloo is around 11 km southwest of Assen, and you can reach it by bus from the Assen station.

If coming by car, there is a car parking available opposite the festival site.

Places to stay and Hotel Tips

Hotel Tips

Where to stay

In Grolloo you can find a camping Country Camp Camping de Berenkuil.

If camping is not your scene, then Assen is the closest city to the picturesque village of Grolloo, and here you’ll find the most excellent choice of accommodation.

Hotel de Loohoeve is in Schoonloo, a village just a little south of Grolloo, where the Holland International Blues Festival is.

It’s situated in a beautiful country setting amidst the forests and fields of the province, Drenthe.

There’s free parking, and the restaurant is well-known for using lots of fresh, local ingredients.

Read an overview of the hotel here >>

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