Hamburg weekend with the worlds largest port festival “Hafengeburstag”

Hamburg weekend with the worlds largest port festival Hafengeburstag

From a weekend in Hamburg

Hamburg has become a favorite destinations in Germany.

Home to great festivals and there’s always something fun happening.

And it’s big enough to explore and discover something new every time you visit.

Hamburg harbour festival Hafengeburstag

Hamburg port festival “Hafengeburstag”

This time I went here for the big Birthday Festival of the Hamburg port.

It started on Friday so I arrived on Thursday to experience as much of it as possible.

Just like it did for the Munich and Stuttgart Spring Festival, the weather on Friday started out badly.

Cold wind and rain most of the day, so that day I only had a quick walk through the festival area (6 kilometers) to get an overview of it all.

Fortunately, the weather forecasts promised better conditions for Saturday and Sunday.

The world’s biggest port festival

It is a big area to cover and I was glad I had the chance to scout the area before Saturday.

Luckily, Saturday brought warmer weather and no rain, which brought more people out and about along with an amazing festival atmosphere.

The weather and crowds combined to create an amazing festival atmosphere.

The Saturday evening highlight was a great firework show lightening up the port.

On Sunday, the sun was shining again and that made it even more enjoyable.

port festival hamburg

6 kilometers with ships, music, food and drinks

You can walk along the six kilometers and stop by some of the ten music scenes to enjoy some great music.

The festival offers different music genres with anything from a ship’s choir, to indie, pop-rock and heavy metal.

Across the three days of the celebrations, it’s a big and varied music program on offer.

It can be a good idea to check out what’s on so you know what to see when.

There is an amazing variety of food and drinks available, so the party could even qualify as a great food and drink festival as well.

Sunday afternoon the out parade of ships was announced.

The out sailing was an impressive experience and great end to the festival.

This festival has it all and is highly recommended.

For more basic information and dates, visit the Hafengeburstag page >>

Other new experiences in Hamburg

Close to both my hotel and the main train station was the lovely restaurant Schifferbörse.

Decorated with a beautiful maritime theme, it offers great service, food, and atmosphere.

You can read more reviews about the Schifferbörse on Tripadvisor:

Photos from the Hafenfest in Hamburg

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