Great Week San Sebastian

2020 (Cancelled)

great week - Grande Semana San Sebastian
Photo; San Sebastian Tourism & Convention Bureau

Grand Week in 2020 is Cacelled

Due to the Corona virus the Grand Week in San Sebastian is cancelled.

You can read the document here:

About The Great Week in San Sebastian

A festival for all tastes. During the week that marks the Virgin’s Day (Aug. 15).

This Basque city in northern Spain makes a big celebratory fuss that includes an International Fireworks Competition.

There are sports events including horse races, a beach volleyball tournament and “herri-kirolak” exhibitions (Basque rural sports).

The Festival

On the first day, a canon is fired at 19h at the Alderdi Eder gardens in the harbour, signalling the start of festivities which includes musical entertainers and daily mini parades of bands and giant puppets.

Children can also avail themselves of workshops, games and a disco.

All week, international competitors showcase their firework displays along the waters.

An awards ceremony takes place on the last day and it all ends with a fabulous, vivid musical firework display.

Where to Stay

Mercure Monte Igueldo

Set on Mount Igueldo, this picturesque hotel is minutes from the beach with a gorgeous vista of the bay.

There’s also an outdoor pool if you’d rather stay close to your room.

Getting to the beach requires a short ride.

The hotel is next door to the old lighthouse, where you take a cable car to the Playa de la Concha Beach.

See more pictures from this lovely hotel here >>

San Sebastian Spain

San Sebastian

This pleasant resort town in Spain’s Basque Country is known for its lovely bay promenade and the two beaches: Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta.

There are some highly-venerated, world-class innovative restaurants, upscale shops and a dynamic bar scene.

Be sure to taste some of the bite-sized local specialities called pinxtos in the Parte Vieja (Old Part).

Notable sites include the 1871 Bretxa Market where you can uncover a variety of produce and fresh ingredients, Mota Castle on Mount Urgull and the aquarium that’s part of the Natural Science Museum.