Choco-Story and Chocolate Museum in Bruges

Choco-Story and Chocolate Museum in Bruges

Belgium, Bruges is known for its chocolate production, so it’s not surprising that the city has a chocolate museum!

The Chocolate Museum in Bruges is called Choco-Story, and as you may imagine from the name, it does, of course, chart the history of chocolate and how it found its way to the streets and stores of Europe and Belgium.

The museum is quite interesting, even if you’re not a chocolate lover.

You can read the story of how vital the cocoa trade was. We take chocolate for granted now, but cocoa had great value and was considered a luxury years ago.

There’s even a movie to watch on the history of chocolate. Then, after the circular walk, you walk into a room where you can see a demonstration on how to make chocolates.

They give these demonstrations twice an hour, lasting approximately half an hour each.

The great thing is, at the end of the demonstration, everyone gets a taste of the beautiful Belgian chocolate.

Belgian chocolate is world famous, and although the price is relatively high (ca. 35 Euro per kilogram), it is worth the cost for high quality.

You’ll notice a big difference between the taste of Belgian chocolate and the cheaper ones we eat more regularly.

Link: Choco-Story website

In the same building as the chocolate museum, you’ll also find the Lamp Museum, which could be an exciting place to visit.

After you’ve visited Choco-Story, take a walk around the streets of Bruges.

You’ll notice there are many small chocolate shops, and most of them make the chocolate on-site that they sell.

They will even let you sample a taste or two.


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