Saturday afternoon and football match at Camp Nou Barcelona

Saturday afternoon and Football at Camp Nou Barcelona

Camp Nou Barcelona

Camp Nou is FC Barcelona’s home stadium with a capacity of approximately 100,000 spectators.

I went to an early match starting at 16.15, a perfect time of day as you get plenty of time after the match to go out for tapas and enjoy the incredible Barcelona nightlife.

It’s fantastic to see a match live and being there was such an extraordinary experience.

If you are in Barcelona during football (what’s known as soccer in some other parts of the world), I highly recommend you grab some tickets and head to a match at Camp Nou Barcelona.

The atmosphere is electrical with a festive feel.

To get there, you can take the Metro L3 to the station Les Corts or one of the bus lines that stop near the arena.

From Les Corts station, it is about a one-kilometer walk to Camp Nou stadium – no need to look for signs, just follow the crowd.

Celebration at Camp Nou when Barca wins La Liga

Another time when I was in Barcelona, I was lucky enough to be at the last match of the season when Barcelona FC won La Liga and the match was followed by a great ceremony.

When the home team wins, you usually find people dancing in the water fountains and the city of Barcelona is full of good cheer and happy people.

Unfortunately, things sometimes get out of hand with rowdy people spoiling the celebrations with fractions and firecrackers around Plaza Catalunya.

So it’s smart to head to your hotel as soon as possible after such a match or to take cover in a safe bar nearby.

We ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe, where we had to stay for three hours until the wild crowd outside had subsided.

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