Bristol Food Connections

Bristol Food Connections

No dates for when the next festival will take place.

Bristol Food Connections – a revolutionary food festival!

You will find an affordable series of events during this food festival weekend in Bristol.

It will show you all you want to know about the food and delicacies of this UK city and surroundings.

Debates, food walks, cooking classes, producer markets are just a piece of things to expect if you decide to visit Bristol Food Connections.

It’s all about tastes, learning and seeing what’s going on – at one of the best UK’s food festivals.

It’s an inspirational food city with all kinds of communities who live there.

So we can quickly call it a melting pot of cultures, and food is, of course, an inseparable part of it.

More about Bristol

Bristol is a city of remarkable history and heritage.

A home to JK Rowling, Cary Grant, Jeremy Irons, Massive Attack, Portishead, Neneh Cherry, this green spot of the UK’s map proudly calls itself the green capital.

It’s the UK’s first cycling city, full of a fantastic atmosphere, boats, bridges and colourful balloons.

It’s the city that offers various things to discover – from farmer’s markets to local shops or independent restaurants, bakeries and many more.

It’s understandable, with knowing Bristol’s food atmosphere, the decision of hosting a festival that will connect people with food that is good for you, for the environment and the local economy.

These last three things are crucially important, as only minor changes can have a tangible impact on our health, the area we’re living in, and its economy.

Places to stay

Bristol is relatively big and has a wide range of accommodation styles.

Anything from luxury hotels to hostels and apartments will make sure you’ll find something for your taste and travel budget.


For a luxury alternative in the centre, we can recommend Radisson Blue Hotel where you can get a room with a beautiful view over Bristol.

Excellent service and probably all facilities you need for a comfortable stay. Check out more here >>

More things to do in Bristol
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