turkey_featuredFor centuries Turkey has been a link between two continents: Europe and Asia in terms of culture and development of civilization.

Today, it is one of the most exciting travel destinations that has a lot to offer. Historical sites, amazing beaches, famous cuisine – you’ll discover it all in our 7 nights Turkish Coast Cruise.

Day 1 – Bodrum

Bodrum is very important art, trade and entertainment center of the area with a great nightlife and stunning beaches, rich cultural life. Don’t miss visiting city’s famous sites such as the Mausoleum and the Castle of St Peters. The official website describes this place as “the naughtiest, the haughtiest, the most inert, the most beautiful child of mother nature…” Check out why!

Day 2 – Bodrum – Palamutbuku – Inceburun

Second day of this amazing cruise is reserved for visiting two more astonishing places. First one is settled on the Datca peninsula. Palamutbuku is a village that offers you a chance to relax on a beautiful beach and in glassy and clear water in the resort. This place is a perfect balance between preserved natural way of life and tourism industry and it’s really an amazing discovery for all nature lovers.
Nearby town of Inceburun, where you’ll spend the rest of the day, is recommended for enjoying in Turkish cuisine and swimming in beautiful turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.

Day 3 – Inceburun – Aktur – Bencik Bay

White houses with green gardens, placed on the coast of the sea with beaches with blue flags – is what you can expect in this part of spectacular Turkey. Today is the day for visiting Aktur and Bencik Bay, nestled between Datca and Marmaris. Take a lunch there, and enjoy the rest of the day outside and explore what this amazing looking area has to offer.

Day 4 – Bencik Bay – Emel Sayın Koyu – Orhaniye – Selimiye

Plan for today is to visit the cove named after a famous Turkish singer (Emel Sayin), and then to reach Orhaniye – tourism attraction of this part of country’s Riviera. You’ll be in the position of exploring surrounding villages, more coves or you can just relax in the scenery that really looks like a paradise.
Selimiye – is a new discovery, not so often placed in the travel brochures. Because of the fact that this region is protected by law, you’ll find here a true place for relaxation. Don’t miss checking the ruins of Hydas – a stone lighthouse and remaining of castles.

Day 5 – Selimiye – Dirsek Buku – Bozburun

Dirsek Buku, with its L shape, is your next stop. Because of its position, and because it’s protected from a wind, it is the best place to take a swim in this area.
Bozburun, a small town, situated on the coast of the peninsula of the same name is your next stop. Suggestion – check famous wooden sailing boats in the city and then continue exploring the city itself.

Day 6 – Bozburun – Datca – Knidos

Datca city is placed on the nearby peninsula and famous by the ancient city of Knidos, located some 30km away from the city. The place had the statue of Aphrodite that was chipped by Praksiteles of Athens. You’ll find there two amphitheaters, one facing Mediterranean and one Aegean Sea.

Day 7 – Knidos – Kara Ada (Black Island) – Bodrum

It is almost the end of this journey, but don’t be sad… There is one more amazing place to be checked before returning to Bodrum. Only 6km away from it and it is known by the name Black Island or Kara Ada Island. It is famous for mineral springs and our suggestion is to take a lunch here, with the spectacular view on the Aegean Sean, after, of course, swimming in the springs.

After 7 nights spent in the region, you will return to Bodrum – the starting point of the cruise. This part of Turkey is truly spectacular and taking a vacation to relax and enjoy the nature that you meet on the cruise – is a perfect tip for everyone who needs a real and genuine holiday route across the Aegean Sea and this part of the world, that is definitely, so worth of visiting.

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