Travel from Stockholm to Hamburg by train

Travel Through Europe by Train

From Sweden via Denmark and Germany to Spain
First day Stockholm to Hamburg

There’s a wonderful romance to traveling by train and it’s one of our favorite ways to get around Europe.

You encounter varying landscapes as you travel across the miles allowing a real sense of the distance you’re covering to develop.

The benefits of traveling by train are numerous:

  1. Take time to enjoy the journey – it makes you feel like you have really traveled.
  2. More baggage – you can take more with you (although remember you have to carry it!).
  3. Food options – take your own, buy it on the train or at stops along the way.
  4. Meet more people – you meet a fascinating plethora of people from all walks of life.
  5. See more – you see the changing scenery of various countries as you pass by.
  6. Experience more – stop along the way and acquaint yourself with another culture.
  7. Environmentally friendly – you are taking one of the greenest modes of travel possible.
  8. Comfortable – there’s ample legroom, and it’s easy to walk around to stretch your legs.
  9. Relaxing – you arrive 30 minutes prior to departure, take your seat and let someone else take care of the driving.
  10. City center arrival – no additional transport needed.

We like to make an overnight stop during the journey, planning our trips around festivals so we can to hit one or two to enjoy along the way.

First day’s travel: Train Stockholm to Copenhagen and Hamburg


If you tire of looking out the window at the rolling countryside, you can always use the free WIFI , or go to the Bistro for a coffee, wine or beer.

The Bistro is a good spot for you to meet people, and maybe even make some new friends…..

There’s plenty of time to enjoy it all as the travel from Stockholm to Copenhagen takes 6 hours with the high-speed train “SJ Snabbtag” (all SJ trains carry the Good Environmental Choice label).

This stage of your journey includes the crossing from Sweden to Denmark via the amazing engineering feat that is the Oresund Bridge

This 12 km section starts as a bridge in Malmo and ends in a tunnel in Copenhagen.

Look out for the Turning Torso, Scandinavia’s tallest building, as you approach Malmo.

The train from Copenhagen to Hamburg

Depending on when you leave Stockholm, the departure of your connecting train in Copenhagen to Hamburg may vary between half an hour to two hours.

If you have a bit of time between trains, take the opportunity to relax at one of the many lovely cafes at the Copenhagen Main Station, or walk along the shopping street Stroget, but don’t forget your departure time!

The train trip between Copenhagen and Hamburg only takes about five hours.

It includes a ferry crossing from Roedby in Denmark to Puttgarden in Germany.

The train rolls right onto the ferry and all passengers have to leave the train to go upstairs.

Make sure you take valuable items with you and remember the deck number and letter of the stairs when you leave the train (take a photo!).

During the 45-minute crossing, you can enjoy a breath of fresh sea air or the onboard cafes, restaurants, and shopping.

When the coast of Germany is close, it is time to head back down to the train where you’ll spend the last two hours of your journey before arriving into Hamburg Central Station.

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