Barcelona private romantic sailing tour

Barcelona private romantic sailing tour

A perfect romantic getaway suggestion!

This sailing tour will probably make your stay in Barcelona an unforgettable experience.

Warm sea breeze with an unique skyline of Barcelona at dusk, this private sailing trip is a perfect way to get a special day or evening with your loved one.

You will get views of spectacular La Sagrada Familia, Barceloneta beach, Port Olimpic and more.


This is a 3 hour sailing tour that starts by meeting your local skipper at the Barcelona Port.

After a safety briefing and introduction to sailing, your romantic experience begins.

Once you cruise out, the gorgeous Mediterranean sea opens up, and the views of the city are lifting the atmosphere to a high level.

All you have to do at this point is to sit back, open your bottle of Spanish sparkling wine and raise your glass to toast for this special occasion vacation.

Cruise along the Barcelona coast toward Port Olimpic where you’ll see La Sagrada Familia, Agbar Tower in the distance and the Tibidabo, sail past Port Forum and popular Barceloneta Beach – which is, in fact, the main beach of the city.

Daylight or evening tour

You can choose between a daylight and an evening sailing tour, choosing the second one means relaxing and admiring Barcelona’s skyline in spectacular colors as the sun sets over the city.

This romantic and unforgettable cruise ends with your last views of Barcelona from the water while you’re approaching the starting point of the journey – the Barcelona Port.

Price and more information

The price for this romantic cruise is 170 Euro approximately (price may vary), and includes a professional skipper, life jackets and one bottle of cava – Spanish sparkling wine.

Exclusions are food and drinks, unless specified, hotel pickup and drop-off and sailing clothes.

Important thing to add here is that this cruising option depends on the weather, so the sailing itinerary is subject to change being dependent on the wind conditions.

Gola Gola – Food Festival in Piacenza, 2020 (Postponed to September)

Gola Gola – Food Festival 2020 in Piacenza

5 – 7 June 2020 (Postponed to September)

photo from

About Gola Gola Food Festival

One of the best things to do in Italy is to discover the country’s unique diversity through its epic festivals.

Every summer, the Gola Gola Festival attracts notoriously passionated food lovers for a weekend-long celebration of food, tradition and people.

Watch the heart of Piacenza transform into a village of themed areas dedicated to traditional Italian cuisine, craft beers, interactive performances and more.

Food & Drink, Music and Entertainments

With a lot of family-friendly events to choose from, you are sure to find yourself in an area that celebrates something you love at Gola Gola food festival.

Learn the secrets of top chefs from seven different cities around the world.

Savour decadent flavours in the tasting area and interact with local farmers and food producers in the Local Farmer’s Market.

Cool off and stroll down the  craftsmanship of ice cream making.

Or share your passion for beer with other brew masters.

Luring some of the best chefs, local culinary stars, and celebrated brewmasters means serious culinary pleasure is in order.

There is probably no other festivals in Italy that combines the best-tastings, cooking shows, kid’s labs, interactive performances, music and craft beers all into one as the Gola Gola Food festival.

Join into one of the most celebrated cultural tradition in Italy at the Gola Gola Food and People Festival this June in Piacenza, Italy.

How to get to Piacenza ?

Piacenza is aproximately 70 kilometres from Milan.

You can easily come to Piacenza by train and it takes about one hour from Milan.

Tours and things to do in Milan

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Walls, palaces and sweets in medieval Avila, Spain

Walls, palaces and sweets in medieval Avila

Avila and its most important landmark; The medieval city wall.

It is unique in the world and entirely encircles the Old Town.

In fact it is uninterrupted and intact since it was built between the 11th and 14th century.

A World Heritage Site, it´s also the only fully illuminated monument of its size.

The walls have a perimeter of 2516 meters, feature 87 towers and 9 gates.

They rise up on a plateau on top of a rocky landscape with the left bank of the river Adajar down below.

1.5 km of the walls are actually walkable with several access points along the wall.

The views from the walls and towers reach far and several palaces and monuments.

A part of the cathedral, are integrated into the walls which means you can see stone carvings and details up close.


A second line of defense within the walls is formed by a number of palaces which served as dwelling and fortresses at the same time.

Outstanding among them, although not forming part of the wall itself, is the Palacio de Superunda near the Tower of Guzman.

It´s the best restored of all the palaces and has an interesting history.

In 1916, the Italian painter Guido Caprotti from Monza, went on a tour to Spain to study the works of Spanish masters.

On his way to Leon he got stuck in a snow storm in Avila and never left.

He fell under the spell of the city and proceeded to purchase the Palacio de Superunda.

He restored it and converted it into his atelier and living quarters.

He quickly became a `son of Avila`, painting city scenes again and again in all seasons and making a good living through portraits of the local society.

Mercado Chico


Center point of the Old Town is a plaza called Mercado Chico.

It’s bordered by a church, the town hall and cafess and restaurant.

Fiestas, processions and, in times past, an actual market are held in this lively place.


This is where we come to the sweets of Avila.

Called `yemas`, they are little mounts made from flour, egg yolk and sugar and go ideally with a coffe with milk.

The `yemas`are produced by nuns in several of the convents which abound in Avila, due to the Santa Teresa of Avila.

She was a 16th century mystic and Carmelite nun who reformed the Carmelite order.

She is the patron Saint of Spanish writers and sold in pastelerias around Mercado Chico.

Walk the walls with a bag of `yemas´ in your hand (and water), and enjoy the views and atmosphere of a very special city.

Places to stay

If you want to stay over night in Avila, you can find some nice medieval alternatives.


Palacio de los Velada is an exciting 16th-century palace.

Luxurious rooms and a great restaurant.

Read more about it here

More Medieval cities in Castilla-Leon

Castilla-Leon, the largest region of Spain and located right in the middle of the Iberian peninsula.

It is famous for the many medieval cities, Romanesque and Gothic monuments and buildings.

Most famous and wellknown are Burgos, Leon, Valladolid, Segovia, Avila and Salamanca.

The best way to view them all is a round trip with Madrid as the starting point.

You will get an overwhelming experience in history and art.


Travel by Train

Travel by train is a very convenient way of getting around in Spain.

From AVE (high speed) to Talgo (fast long distance train) to local trains, they are all fast, comfortable and quite cheap.

Most of the above mentioned cities are difficult to manage by car, narrow roads, plenty of pedestrian zones and expensive parking make train travel a much better option.

Tours to Avila and more

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Munich Strong Beer Festival Starkbierzeit, 11 March – 3 April 2022

In Munich, the strong beer festival Starkbierzeit has crowds half as large and beer twice as strong as the Oktoberfest.
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Medieval Discovery Fair in Palos de la Frontera, Spain, 12 – 13 March 2022

Palos de la Frontera and the Medieval Discovery Fair - Festival of the "so-called" discovery of America and the time of Christopher Columbus.
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Pyrotechnic Arts Festival Courchevel, France, 10 February – 3 March 2022

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Fasnacht in Basel, Switzerland – Monday morning 7 March 2022

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Jenever and Gin Festivals in Schiedam. 12 September 2020

With a rich history of producing fine Genever and Gin, Schiedam is the perfect host city for Jenever and Gin Festivals.
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Romantic and Beautiful Santorini

Romantic and Beautiful Santorini


Famous as one of the most romantic and beautiful places in the world.

Santorini is perfect for couples looking for a romantic and luxury vacation.

It’s not only romantic and relaxing, it’s even a lively Greek Island, with great nightlife and plenty to see and do.

Santorini – south east of mainland Greece, in the Aegean Sea, and is the southernmost of the Cyclades Islands.


Attractions and villages on Santorini

The island’s scenery is one of the top attractions and it’s thanks to it is a volcanic island.

Santorini was once a much larger island, but when the volcano erupted and the land collapsed many parts of the larger island became submerged leaving a small archipelago of islands surrounding a huge lagoon, known as a cladera.

This happened about 3,600 years ago. Some legends purport that the resulting tsunami is what caused Atlantis to disappear under the water.

The central lagoon is quite beautiful and the dramatic cliffs of Santorini are spectacular.

Best villages on Santorini

There are many villages to chose from with different styles and atmosphere.

Here you will find some of the most popular and whats special about them.



The main town of the island and it’s built on top of those dramatic cliffs, overlooking the lagoon.

The village has a couple of very interesting museums: the Santorini Archaeological Museum, and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, plus there’s a cable car from which you get fantastic views.



This place doesn’t have quite the same dramatic cliffs, but it’s a very beautiful town.

Just wandering around the whitewashed buildings and enjoying the ambiance is the main attraction and it does have views of the lagoon (caldera) just like Fira.



Quite different from the other villages – it has bars and clubs but there’s a more relaxed atmosphere here than in Fira.


A black beach

A famous long black sand and shingle beach in Kamari can be an exciting experience.


Ancient Thira

This historic area is located just above Kamari, and a walk to look at its ruins is a good sightseeing trip.

Photo; Aigialos Luxury Traditional Houses

Hotels and where to stay

There are numerous towns, both large and small, where you can stay on Santorini. Fira, the largest, is among the most popular and there are over 100 hotels here to choose from.

Hotels tend to offer more basic facilities in Greece than in other European countries, so if you prefer to stay in more luxurious surroundings be sure to pick a 5 star hotel or resort.


In Fira  are several, including Astro Palace Hotel and Suites , The Majestic Hotel , and a different option is the Aigialos Luxury Traditional Houses where you get a very personal service.

All Hotels in Fira here

View from Andronis Luxury Suites

Oia is also a popular place to stay.

It has around 80 hotels of various sizes and quality, and has more 5 star offerings than Fira including Art Maisons Aspaki-Oia Castle , Katikies Hotel , and Andronis Luxury Suites, beautiful and special with large suites with spa bath and a marvelous sea view.
Perfect for couples !

See all the hotels in Oia here.

View from Katikies Hotel

Kamari is another good option on Santorini.

There’s around 100 places to stay in this town including some 5 star rated hotels.

Santorini Kastelli Hotel is 2 minutes walk from the beach, and Vedema Resort is set among beautiful vineyards.

All Hotels in Kamari Here

weather on santorini

Weather and climate on Santorini

Santorini is one of only two places in Europe that has a hot desert climate.

Summer season starts from April 1 until October and if you visit at either end of this season it will be quieter and more affordable than right in the peak of summer.

During the winter, though it’s mild, it is wetter and many places will not be open.

How to get here

The island does have its own airport and there are seasonal flights from several European countries, or you can get a flight to Athens or Thessaloniki and fly from there.

An other option is to come by ferry if you like to use some time on the Aegean Sea.

There are traditional ferries as well as high speed catamarans from Piraeus, the ancient port in Athens.

Hope you get a chance to experience this beautiful Island.

It’s really worth a visit.

Things to do on Santorini

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Explore Beautiful Mykonos Island, Greece

Explore Beautiful Mykonos Island, Greece

From beautiful sandy beaches to archaeological treasures and an exciting nightlife


Explore Mykonos

Mykonos island is famous worldwide for its stunningly beautiful sandy beaches, archaeological wonders and its rich history, plus a nightlife that no one forgets.

It’s a great combination of historic, cosmopolitan and natural invitation to one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

White and unique looking architecture with the bare rock landscape.

Mykonos Beach

Discover the spectacular sandy beaches with crystal clear water  and numerous cafes, taverns, shops and alleys.

It’s Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island and a paradise in the heart of the Cyclades.

According to mythology, the island was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules, taking its name from the grandson of Apollo.

Tours and things to do on Mykonos

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San Sebastian Jazz Festival ( Jazzaldia ) 21 – 25 July 2023

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