The seaside resort Göhren on Rugen

The seaside resort Göhren on Rugen

Göhren Germany

Göhren is located on the southeastern peninsula, Mönchgut, on the tip of the island of Rugen and therefore has beaches both to the north and the south.
You can find Göhren on Google-maps here >>

It is a charming seaside town with attractive beach resort architecture and cozy hospitality venues.

A little above the beach you can find some cafes and beach restaurants.

Hotel Göhren Rugen Germany
photo: Travel Charme Nordperd

There are also a couple of beauty spa and wellness hotels; Travel Charme Nordperd and Hanseatic

They are well worth checking out if you are looking for a relaxing weekend or vacation on Rugen Island.

Pictures from Göhren

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Museums on Rugen island in Germany

Museums on Rugen island in Germany

museums on Rugen

Mönchguter museums on Rugen

Mönchgut is the southeastern peninsula of Rugen.

Here are the museums of local history.

All museums are original buildings and a museum ship.

It gives a vivid insight into the life and work of the people of Mönchgut and their history.

You can get more information at their homepage;

prora museum

The Colossus of Prora

The popular museum in Prora  shows the history about the beach buildings built by Hitler.

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The famous Berlin ZOO

The famous Berlin ZOO

About the ZOO

Opened in 1844, the ZOO in Berlin was the first in Germany and the 9th in Europe.

During the years of its existence, it witnessed to changes in the political circumstances, demolitions and post war reconstructions and today is still among the most beautiful ones in Europe.

Over time, the ZOO has been divided into two ZOOs and one Aquarium (that also has a long tradition), but they all under the agreement are maintaining and developing each special character.

Both ZOOs are homes to animal species whose diversity and rareness is a unique and non-approachable by any other city in Germany and Europe.

When you enter the ZOO’s property first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a wonderfully kept wildlife and botanic secret that is yet equipped with everything that you’ll need on your visit – playground, restaurants and shops – that fits to a great time you’ll spend there with your family.

This oasis of peace, nature and wildlife is proud of thousands of species of animals and every new member is kind of star in Berlin, as most Berliners are aware of the news of a new arrival.

Animal species

The overall number of animals in both, ZOO Berlin and Tierpark Berlin, is 27 thousands of more than 2300 species which mean that you’ll definitely have an exciting time if you decide to visit any of these ZOOs.

And let\’s do not forget the Aquarium – the largest one in Germany!

Jellyfishes, medusas, black tip reef sharks are just pieces of the story that this beautiful ZOO space is offering.

With the very welcoming stuff, all three parts of the Berlin ZOO are here to entertain us, but more importantly

– teach us more about the uniqueness of our planet’s animal and plant fund

– giving us reasons to think more about the preservation of that treasure that covers all corners of the Earth.

Useful Info

Where: Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin

How to get there:

S -line 5, 7 and 75
U -line 1, 2 and 9

station Zoologischer Garten

Several bus lines:

100 – 109 -110 – 200 – 204 – 245 – 249 and more.

Map: Berlin Zoo on Google Map

Official Websites:

Zoo Berlin
Tierpark Berlin
Aquarium Berlin


Usual feeding times differ from animal to animal, but they all can be checked prior to your visit on the official website of the ZOO.

Guided tours are also available in English, and they are organized for minimum of 5 persons.


Hotels near Zoo Berlin >>


What is obvious is the work of numerous architects on the design of the animal habitats and some of them dates back as early as 1872 – the Antelope House or year later – the Elephant House.

Out of modern concepts, worthy of mentioning is definitely the Hippopotamus House from 1997 – modernly applied for the well being of these animals.

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