Tenerife and the beach Las Teresitas

Tenerife and the beach Las Teresitas

Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands, is rather notorious for its black beaches.

Don´t get the wrong idea, that doesn´t mean the beaches are dirty.

Quite the opposite is true.

The black sand is the result of the island´s volcanic origin and the emissions of the many volcanoes.

Pico de Teide is the biggest.

With 3718 meters it is the highest mountain in Spain.

The black sand, which is very fine, is an interesting sight, particularly if it is surrounded by wild rock formations as for instance Los Gigantes in the south of the island.

It is, however, not to everybody´s taste to put their feet into black sand, interspersed more often than not with pebbles.

If you are an enthusiast of white beaches should you then bypass Tenerife?

By no means, because as I discovered on my last visit to the island, Tenerife does have a pristine white beach too.

Not in the more touristy south but in the northeast. Close to the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you will find Las Teresitas.

Miles of white sand, protected by break waters and therefore a very soft access to the water, the beach is a favorite weekend destination for the people of Santa Cruz.

Easily reached by car with ample parking facilities or even 20 minutes by local bus on a scenic ride along the coast.

Las Teresitas offers changing rooms, showers, umbrellas and sun loungers, bars and restaurants, in short, everything you need for an enjoyable day on the beach.


Santa Cruz

An added bonus is the proximity of cosmopolitan Santa Cruz.

One of the main attractions is the combination of ultra modern architecture like the ´winged ´auditorium and historical buildings.

Castles, parks, churches and museums offer something for anybody´s taste.

The marina is full of luxury yachts and speedboats and the concessionaries who would only be too happy to sell them to you.

The Santa Cruzians are an elegant people which is not only reflected in the way they dress but also in the great number of designer boutiques in Calle El Castillo.

No Spanish designer of international fame who doesn´t have his or her own boutique and if not, their brand can be found in upmarket department store El Corte Ingles.

Black potatoes …

Bars , ice cream parlors and restaurants complete the picture. Do not miss to try a Tenerife specialty: the black potato.

It has black or deep purple skin and egg yolk yellow meat and is cooked in seawater.

The history behind is that the potato was first introduced to Europe in Tenerife by the returning conquerors and some plants were left there.

Tenerife happened to be the only place in Europe where the original potato, as found and eaten 7000 years ago in Peru and Columbia, grew unchanged and unaltered.

The potatoes are still cultivated in Tenerife and, as a delicacy, cost nearly 10 times as much as their run of the mill cousins.

The big Tenerife Festival and Carnival

If you want some real fun, party and action, you have to visit during the yearly carnival here on Tenerife.

Read more about it at the Tenerife Carnival Page >>


The Central Market in Santa Cruz

If you are lucky you will find some in the picturesque Central Market, El Mercado de Nuestra Senora de Africa.

Apart from fruit and vegetable the market stands out because of the great variety of plants and flowers that are on offer. A joy for eye and nose.

Spending a beach holiday in Santa Cruz has the advantage of a wonderful city, the possibility to go on excursions to the Orotava Valley or the Nature Reserve of the Teide and at same time avoiding the tourist traps of the more popular south.


A great 5 Star hotel

There is one great 5 star hotel in Santa Cruz. Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey This is also one of the hotels with best score from visitors reviews in town.

Over 20 more options with B&B, guesthouses, villas and 2 – 4 star hotels are also awailable.

An overview here >>

Things to do on Tenerife

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Weather and temperatures in Barcelona

Weather and temperatures in Barcelona


Maximum Temperature Celsius

Minimum Temperature Celsius


Calculated from registered temperatures between 1999 and 2003, published by the Observatorio of Barcelona

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Costa del Maresme

Costa del Maresme, Spain

San Pol de Mar to Pineda de Mar

photo coast costa del maresme

The Costa del Maresme stretches along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea for about 50 kms from Barcelona to Blanes.

It’s on the southern end of the Costa Brava; an area well-known for it’s rugged coastline, gorgeous coves and beaches, and delightful villages.

Mataro is the capital city of the region, and it’s an industrial city with a large port.

Some of the other towns to explore along the coast include Alella, Arenys de Mar, Callella, Canet de Mar, Pinda de Mar, Sant Pol de Mar, Sant Iscle de Vallalta and Vilassar de Mar.

It’s also a walkers paradise with many wonderful walks that follow along the coastline.

How to get to the Costa del Maresme

The Costa del Maresme is in the Barcelona province, south of the Costa Brava, and north of Barcelona.

This stretch of coast is approximately 50 kms and it runs from Blanes to Barcelona.

If you are flying to Spain, you would arrive at Barcelona or Girona Airports.

Then there are good public transport links from Barcelona and Girona to the Costa del Maresme.

It’s also easily accessible by car.

Costa del Maresme on Google maps

Things to do

In addition, to enjoying all the beaches and the walks that this region has to offer, there are many restaurants to discover.

It’s an area that offers quiet for those seeking a relaxing retreat, and lively clubs and discos for those looking for some nightlife.

Walk from Sant Pol de Mar to Calella and Pineda de Mar

A great way to spend a day on the Costa del Maresme is to hike 7 kms along the coast from San Pol de Mar to Pineda de Mar.

Along the way you can stop for a dip in the sea, then shower before continuing along the way.

Take a picnic with you or stop at a village along the way to enjoy a leisurely meal.

If you don’t feel like walking back, you can take a train, bus or taxi back.

Calella and the Blue Bar Beach Club

The Blue Bar Beach Club is right on the beach at Calella.

It’s a great spot to stop for a meal or a drink.

Good food and great views!

Calella itself is worth visiting with a long shopping street and some cozy bars and restaurants.

Where to stay on Costa del Maresme?

A villa in a village

Villa Jordana is a three-bedroom villa located in San Pol de Mar.

With its well-equipped kitchen, and outdoor seasonal pool, it is ideal for a longer stay.

Read more and book

Pool with a view

Merce Hotel is 10 minutes walk from the beach, and is also walking distance from the Pineda de Mar train station.

Kick back and relax at the rooftop pool and enjoy the panoramic views from the sun terrace.

Read more and book

More options

Sun, sand and sea – that’s what you’ll find when you visit the Costa del Maresme.

An overview here

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Swing and Boggie days in Dresden at the Dixieland Festival

Swing and Boogie days in Dresden at the Dixieland Festival

From a weekend in Dresden, May 2017


After a fun few days in Hamburg, Dresden was next on the itinerary.

As a first-time visitor to this city, I was curious to see if Dresden was as beautiful as I’d heard.

Well, it certainly lived up to expectations.

The city is very different from other German cities I’ve visited, notably Hamburg, Berlin, and Cologne.

For starters, it’s more relaxing and quieter, and full of friendly people.

Dresden is a lovely city – one worth spending a few days to explore all it has to offer.

dixieland festival dresden

The Dixieland Dresden “New Orleans” -style festival

The Pullman Dresden Newa provided a great home away from home for the duration of my stay in Dresden.

It’s not far from the train station and it is at the start of Prager Street.

Prager Street (Strasse) marks the beginning of the Dixieland festival area and as you stroll the length of it, you’ll encounter music scenes all the way to the Altmarkt (and maybe find yourself dancing more often than walking!).

There’s plenty of opportunities to stop along the way and sample the fabulous food and drink available at the stalls set up in the street.

I tried some very good German red wines and, of course, the local Dresden beer Feldschlösschen (one of the main festival sponsors).

The music started around 11 o’clock in the morning and closed down at 8 o’clock in the evening.

The closing time was a little early for my taste, but if that’s what it takes to keep the neighborhood happy so the festival can continue, I can live with it.

Everywhere you go, you are caught up in the sound of the fabulous swing music that quickly had you tapping your feet and swaying to the beat.

Swing dancing was the order of the day.

dixieland parade dresden

The Dixieland Parade on Sunday

On Sunday around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, people started to line up along the route ready for the big Dixieland parade.

A fleet of trucks carried the bands as they played their festival farewells.

ddr police car

Lending a touch of nostalgia to the atmosphere, were the original former East-German police and ambulance cars.

This year it was a very short parade, which was over within an hour.

It was fun and entertaining and would have been even better if it had lasted an hour or more …

dresden dixieland

Read more about the festival and Dresden

You’ll find the dates and latest information about the next festival on our page

Dixieland Festival Dresden >>

For more information about Dresden,

visit our Dresden page >>

Photos from the Dixieland Festival in Dresden

click images to enlarge

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