Two days at the Spring Festival “Fruhlingsfest” in Munich and Stuttgart

Two days at the Spring Festival Fruhlingsfest in Munich and Stuttgart

Weekend in April 2017

springfestival stuttgart

I traveled from sunny Barcelona to visit a rainy Stuttgart and Munich.

Spring weather in Germany can be changeable and, unfortunately, I experienced more bad than good weather on this trip.

Arriving in Stuttgart late afternoon, I went straight to my accommodation, Motel One Hauptbahnhof, which was close to the main train station.

It also offered great value for money.

Stuttgart Spring Festival “Fruhlingsfest”

The spring festival is held at the fairground in Bad Cannstatt, 6 kilometers from Stuttgart center.

You can reach it easily with the metro “S-Bahn” as it is just one stop from the central train station (Hauptbahnhof).

To get to the festival, I just followed the stream of party-people and soon reached Bad Cannstatt.

The fairground is not so big, so you can easily spot the most popular fun fair attractions.

Tasted some delights from the food stalls and, of course, had to enjoy the local beer, Stuttgarter Hofbrauparty, in one of the four tents.

The atmosphere in the tents is great and everything is well organized.

With better weather and more people, I imagine it would be much more fun.

As Stuttgart is a medium-large city and the festival is a bit outside of town, I would not travel to this city just for the spring festival.

But it can be great to visit if you happen to be around during the weeks the festival is going on.

You can read more basic facts and dates on the Stuttgart Springfestival – Fruhlingsfest page >>

For a much bigger spring festival, and a more joyful city, I recommend traveling to the Spring-Festival in Munich.

Pictures from Stuttgart Spring-festival

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fruhlingsfest springfestival munich

The next day, I went to Munich to experience the bigger Munich Springfestival.

A short train-trip on the Deutsche Bahn had me arriving in Munich in just a couple of hours.

Munich Spring Festival “Fruhlingsfest”

In Munich, you’ll find the spring festival at the traditional Theresienwiese where the famous Oktoberfest is held.

Book a hotel in the center and you will be within walking distance of the Theresienwiese and the spring festival.

Sadly, the bad weather dampened the atmosphere and enjoyment.

But despite the weather, some people wore the traditional Lederhosen (leather shorts) and Drindl (a short dress for the women).

Party in the tents

The tents are very popular and fill up very quick, especially in these weather conditions.

Everyone wanted to be in the tents and there were two queues to the Hippodrome tent I wanted to enter.

After standing for an hour in the rain and cold wind, they decided to make only one queue and we were pushed into the middle of the other one.

So that meant probably waiting yet another hour before I could even enter the tent.

Wet and freezing, I did the sensible thing and decided to head back to the hotel and leave the tent event until the next time.

Munich next year again !? …

Things don’t always go as you hope they will, but that’s life.

From what I did see, it looks like the spring-fest could be a lot of fun, and I hope to go back soon to experience it when it’s sunny.

You can read more basic facts and dates here: Spring-Festival in Munich.

Pictures from Munich Spring-festival

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