Usedom – The shared Island

The whole island is one long sandy beach and you can enjoy spa, good food, nude beach and shopping excursions.

Most resorts on the island are mostly for relaxation and beach life. Heringsdorf as is located on the German part of the island is more lively but yet with peaceful atmosphere.


Some facts

Usedom is located in the Baltic Sea and is 445 km ². Between 1648 and 1720 the island belonged to Sweden. Was then sold to the King of Prussia.

After World War II in 1945 did Poland get 72 km ² of the southeastern part of the island.

The island has approx. 80,000 inhabitants and 45,000 on the Polish side.

The biggest cities are Swinoujscie in Poland (formerly Swinemunde, in German time) and Heringsdorf on the German side of the border. Along the entire island is one long sandy beach and is known to be even finer than on Rugen



The largest city or town on Usedom. Here you get a little more life than on rest of the island.

Restaurants, pubs and entertainment some evenings at the scene on the boardwalk.

The beach is nice and out on the pier you can go shopping or enjoy food and beverages at the Italian restaurant.



Between Heringsdorf and Świnoujście is Ahlbeck. From here it is 2 kilometers from the Polish border. A popular excursion to walk or bike.

Ahlbeck is a smaller place with a few spa hotels and a nice pier with a restaurant.

Looking for Spa and Relaxation ?

Then Usedom Island a good option. Amazing spa hotels in both Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck. Ahlbeck Spa and Hotell was great and has received many good reviews from previous guests.

Often it pays that you look at the reviews before you book. Have missed it a few times, and it feels a little disconcerted when reading reviews when you come home again.


FKK – Nudist beaches

Usedom is just like Sylt Island known for a long tradition when it comes to swim and sunbathe nude. Being able to have such a relaxed and natural relationship to nudity must feel nice.

If you would you like to sunbathe naked then there are 9 nudist beaches on Usedom including one on Ahlbeck 300 meters from the Polish border.


Polish authorities asked that it would be put up signs that warned of nudist beach and that naked people could not be too close to the border.

Mention may be made in connection to that; the Poles sells lots of porn on the Polish market just across the border in Swinoujscie. So what can we say – Long live the double standard 😉


Polish market

Nice bike and walking path between all locations on Usedom and you can easily rent a bike and get over to Poland. After the border, continue a bit and take the first major road to the right.

After a few hundred meters you will see the market.

It looks to be a popular excursion in search of cheap bargains.

Here you will find clothes, cigarettes, fishing gear, trinkets, and many other things you may need or not …

There are very few things you can think of buying here. Lots of poor quality and the sales personnel are not particularly pleasant.

Still fun to walk around a bit as relaxation from the beach life.