Croatia’s Makarska Riveria has close to twenty towns and villages along its 60 kilometre stretch of pristine coastline, with the city of Makarska at its heart.

This is the hub of the Riviera so you’ll find a busier atmosphere here compared to some of the small fishing villages where less than 100 people live permanently.

But while Makarska itself maybe classed as a city you shouldn’t expect a bustling metropolis; really it’s quite small, with only around 14,000 residents.

Like the rest of the Riviera the city is a popular destination, but not overly so. Tourists have been coming here for years but it hasn’t been overdeveloped with huge resort-style hotels.

There are some larger hotels but generally the pace of life is actually quite slow, and while there are over 200 places to stay along the Riviera, many of these accommodations are smaller and individual.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful place to visit that has tourist facilities yet retains plenty of its traditional appeal, Makarska could be the place for you!


Hotels and Apartments

Among the most popular places to stay in Makarska are its many apartments. Apartments offer a great alternative to hotels if you like to have a little more living space and you’re not looking for full service. The 4 star Luxury City Centre Apartments Sulenta is just one option out of many, featuring modern and bright apartments that are set in the heart of the old town.

For those who prefer to enjoy the facilities and services of a hotel there are several 4 star hotels to choose from. Hotel Meteor is probably the closest you’ll get to a resort-style hotel on the Makarska Riviera. It’s a large place with indoor and outdoor pools, restaurant, sauna and health club and is just off the beach.



Things to See and Do

Makarska is an attractive city centred around a horseshow shaped bay that serves as the city’s harbour. You can walk along the promenade around the length of the bay, watching the yachts and ferries come and go, or sit at one of the many bars or cafes, or even do some shopping in the fashionable boutiques.

30 minute ferry ride from the harbour gets you to the town of Sumartin on the island Brac and makes this a nice day trip if you want to see more of the surrounding region.

Makarska Old Town is where you’re likely to spend the majority of your time. Typical of many old towns you’ll find narrow, stone-paved streets here, leading to the main market square where a fruit and flower market are often taking place. Visit the old church, or head inside one of the few museums.

Franciscan monastery is a popular and well known attraction too, featuring museum-like exhibits including its famous sea shell collection.

A park on the peninsula that forms part of the horse-shoe -bay, on a slight hill is a lovely place to walk to enjoy the views over the harbour, the city, and out to sea.

If you enjoy walking there are plenty of opportunities to walk in the Biokovo Mountains too.