Luxury Hotels in Barcelona

It is not always easy to find the perfect hotel. Especially if you want luxury, there are some criteria to look for. Professional staff, good food, quiet location. Wifi and internet should be included in the room rate. The same goes for swimming pool and spa services.

Based on this, the search begins and you find that it is difficult to meet all the criteria. But sometimes we come across something and are happy to share it with you here on the page.

Remember, we can not guarantee that the hotels maintains the same standards now as when we visited it. Like everything else in the world, there is a constant change both to the better and the worse.

Hotel W

A lovely building and you easily see it where ever you are on the Barcelona Beach.

The high facade looks like a sail on a boat, and your first thought is it’s a “wannabe Dubai hotel”.

Hotel W has a nice pool at the roof terrace. Great rooms with an amazing view over the Mediterranean sea and Barcelona City.

Overall, the hotel provides a stylish, beautiful and luxurious impression

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ABaC Restaurant Hotel Barcelona GL Monumento

This luxury hotel has almost everything. Meets virtually all discerning criteria apart from that it is a little off center.

But in return, the hotel is in one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona and it is, for example close to Park Guell by a few kilometers.

Here you can rent limousines and other luxury cars.

Free wifi and helpful staff. Soundproofing and remote controlled lighting, heating and blinds.
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In the center and La Rambla

You can also find good accommodations in the center and along the popular street La Rambla,

but often you get disturbed by noise and drunk people on the streets at night.


If you would prefer to live close to La Rambla, we would mention  Hotel 1898 and Hotell Bagues

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