We’re sure that when you’re choosing a destination for a summer vacation within Europe, Greece is always on your bucket list… And it’s so understandable why. The color of the water, of the sky and that perfect smell of summer… Islands, cuisine and atmosphere.

That is why; this is a great accommodation tip for all you who are planning to visit Greece this summer, and you still haven’t chosen a place and a hotel.

AllExciting is taking you to the absolutely spectacular Santorini island.

Intimate and personalized – Ikies Traditional Houses is everything you might want out of your summer vacation.

From signature breakfast served on your personal terrace to just chilling with a million dollar view – this is one of the most spectacular hotels in southern Europe.


And it’s not just chilling you’ll get if you decide to choose this place from summer 2015; it’s so much more than that.

Ikies’ staff will offer you travel arrangements to and from Santorini island, scuba diving, sailing excursions, different services packages such as for your honeymoon or anniversary and lots of other exciting things to do, try and see.

Now, a few words about the hotel. Ikies is situated at the entrance of the village of Oia, and it’s a boutique hotel that features traditionally decorated but again extremely comfy rooms, spacious terraces and private Jacuzzis.


The view you’ll get if you decide to stay at Ikies Traditional Houses is truly spectacular – a view of the Aegean sky that is changing from turquoise to orange hues and the endless beautiful sea on the horizon.

This is a 4 star hotel; it has been recently renovated so now it’s in the perfect balance between modern amenities and traditional architecture.


The houses with white-washed roofs are pretty typical for Santorini and they look amazing. Santorini is except houses very famous for its caldera or cliffs of the crater in the center of the island formed about 3 thousand years ago. The landscape is a mix of red and black cliffs with villages built on their rims.


This is one of the most romantic places in Europe, for sure.

So, regardless you’re going to take a trip with your significant one or a friend, family – this unique accommodation offer nestled on Santorini island with unforgettable views of the bay and spectacular sky – will change the way you’ll look at holidays after spending summer here.

Thumbs up for Ikies Traditional Houses!


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