Dresden, Germany – Rich History, Events and Lots to See and Do

Dresden, Germany

– Rich History, Events and Lots to See and Do


What to see and do

Zwinger Palace

One of Germany’s most well-known Baroque buildings, this is a must-see.

It’s easy to get to in the heart of Dresden.

In the past, it was the orangery and the festival site of the Dresden Court.

zwinger palace Dresden

Today it houses many museums of international repute and is home to theatre and music performances throughout the year.

For a list of events and exhibitions, see the Zwinger Palace homepage:


frauenkirche dresden


Without a doubt, the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) is one of the most visited and famous churches in Germany.

Completely flattened in the bombing of Dresden during the Second World War, the church has been lovely and authentically reconstructed.

It’s now considered a symbol of peace and reconciliation and welcomes visitors.

Learn more about the history of the Frauenkirche by visiting it online: frauenkirche-dresden.de

kunsthofpassage dresden


You’ll find this passage in the Neustadt (about 3 kilometres from Hotel Pullman).

In addition to the array of shops, cafes, and restaurants, you’ll discover some of the most unusual yet beautiful and creative facades you’ll ever encounter.

It’s a series of courts with a fantastic makeover thanks to the vision of three dynamic artists.

The Court of the Elements (aka the Singing Drain Pipes) turns into a musical instrument when the rain runs through the drainpipes.

To see more of the creative artwork, and find out what’s on, check out the Kunsthof Passage website: kunsthof-dresden.de

Places to stay

pullman hotel Dresden

I stayed at the Pullman Dresden Newa because of its proximity to both the main train station and the central attractions of Dresden.

The hotels’ lovely rooms with a fabulous view and comfortable beds made it a delightful stay.

An excellent spa area and fitness room rounded out the experience.

In addition, the service, restaurant, and breakfast were outstanding.

The prices were very reasonable for such a high standard.

All in all, it was a good choice.

Festivals and Events in Dresden

Dixieland Festival

dixieland festival dresden

We visited this swing and boogie festival, and it was an absolute pleasure.

An annual festival taking place in May, it pays tribute to New Orleans style jazz.

You can read more about it on the festival info page.

Christmas Markets

Dresden’s beautiful Christmas Markets are well worth visiting.

river elbe dresden

Hot summer nights by the Elbe

Eastern Germany can experience some hot weather, and on those hot summer nights, the popular thing to do is take a picnic to enjoy on the banks of the river Elbe.

It’s a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere sitting there watching the sun go down with the beautiful Dresden skyline as a backdrop.

How to get there

Dresden is easy to reach by train and plane from most of the bigger European cities.

If travelling from outside Europe, you may have to take a flight to a hub airport, such as Frankfurt, and travel further by train or plane.

The airport is around 20 minutes north of the city centre, easily reached by bus or tram.

Dresden Neustadt and Dresden Hauptbahnhof  (Main Train Station) are the two major train stations serving Dresden.

Things to do in Dresden
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