blue wave festival binz rugen

Blue Wave Festival with Blues on Rugen Island 13 - 16 June 2019

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The annual festival for blues, jazz and funk on Rugen  takes place four days in June every year. Blue Wave Festival is the largest music festival on Rugen.
störtebeker festival

Störtebeker medieval games, Rugen Germany. 22 Juni – 07 September 2019

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One of the most famous events on Rugen island is the annual Störtebeker medieval games in Ralswiek. Ongoing games Mondays to Saturdays.

Wellness and Spa on Rugen

Rugen is a popular destination for spa and wellness. All beach resorts have high-quality, beautiful and luxurious spa facilities.

Nature Reserve Granitz and the Hunting Lodge

From Binz you can easily find the trails going through the magnificent beech forest and natural reserve Granitz.

Charming Putbus on Rugen Island, Germany

Putbus, with its unique character, is a nice outing for a change from the beach resorts on the Rugen island.