Bloemencorso Flower Parade Bollenstreek, the Netherlands, 25 april 2020

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Since the end of the second World War, The Dutch have gathered in Bollenstreek to celebrate the beauty of spring flowers.

Keukenhof, Flowers as far as your eyes can see, 21 March - 10 May 2020

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Beautiful Flowers as far as you can see. That’s what you’ll experience when you visit Keukenhof, one of the most beautiful spring gardens in the world.
london coffee festival

London Coffee Festival 2 - 5 April 2020

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London coffee festival with 250 coffee and gourmet stalls, demonstrations, tastings, workshops, coffee cocktails, live music and DJs.
munich strong beer festival

Munich Strong Beer Festival Starkbierzeit, 13 March - 5 April 2020

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The strong beer festival Starkbierzeit, in Munich, has crowds half as large, and beer twice as strong as the Oktoberfest.
kings day netherlands

This is probably the most fun day in The Netherlands; King's Day, April 27

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The Dutch love a good party and not many Dutch people will let the opportunity to celebrating Kings Day go by unnoticed. It is celebrated in every little village in the country but the parties in the main cities are something really special.