Festivals in Edinburgh, the great festival city

Edinburgh, the great festival city !

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Join a festival in Edinburgh. Since the city is the country’s capital, there are really rich offers in cultural events. Spectacular New Years Eve and awesome festivals during the summer and especially in August.
Charles Dickens Festival, Deventer

Charles Dickens Festival in Deventer, The Netherlands, in December 2018

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Deventer brings the 19th Century stories of Charles Dickens to life. Come and meet the many colorful characters from his works at this exciting festival.
Up Helly Aa festival

Up Helly Aa - Viking History in Shetland - Tuesday 29 January 2019

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One of Europe's largest fire and Viking festivals, Up Helly Aa has run almost every year since 1880. Taking place in Shetland on the last Tuesday of January

Hot Carnivals in Europe

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Some of the most famous carnivals in Europe. Nice, Santa Cruz and the big one in Venice of course. Some less known and some going on til later springtime. Check them out here !