Romans and Carthaginians

Romans and Carthaginians in Cartagena Spain 20 – 29 September 2019

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Cartagena, in Spain, is worth visiting at any time of year. Especially in September when the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans is held in town.
saffron festival in Spain

Rose of saffron festival in Consuegra Spain, 23 – 25 October 2020

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Consuegra,  60 km from Toledo is right in the middle of the vast saffron plantations. The Saffron festival is going on the last weekend of October.
Budapest Contemporary arts festival

CAFe Budapest Contemporary arts festival, 4 – 20 October 2019

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Hungary’s most important festival in contemporary arts, will show more than 200 events. More than 45 venues with programme in theatre, circus, jazz and dance, classical, pop music and even more.
Marisco sea food festival Spain

Fiesta del Marisco Seafood Festival, O Grove, Spain, October 2020

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Seafood festival in O Grove, Galicia, Spain, Over 200 000 visitors are visiting this cultural-gastronomic festival. Held in October every year since 1963.
Festivals in Edinburgh, the great festival city

Edinburgh International in August and more – The great festival city !

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Edinburgh International Festival is one of the most important summer events in Scotland. Many festivals to join during the summer, most of them in August.