fireworks festival spain - Blanes

Blanes Fireworks Festival, Spain 21 - 26 July 2018

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An absolute must-see for fans of firework displays. What could be better than standing outside on a warm summer’s evening watching the amazing competition between some of the world’s most talented pyrotechnic companies.
Venice Carnival 2019

Enjoy the famous Venice Carnival 2019. It's Going on February 16 - March 5

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If you hear someone talk about carnivals in Europe, what would be your first association to it?  Most probably it must be the annually Venice Carnival. Dates for next Venice Carnival are; February 16 - March 5, 2019
fiesta de san isidro 2018 madrid

Fiesta de San Isidro, Madrid - A big Celebration of the Madrid Patron Saint

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During the celebration of the Madrid Patron Saint "San Isidro", you'll experiencing parades, music concerts from classical to modern, dance, folklore, poetry readings, and other activities such as sport, gardening, and fair trade.
berlin culture festival

Carnival of Cultures - Berlin Culture Festival, 18 - 21 May 2018

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Carnival of Cultures Festival in Berlin takes place every year during the Pentecost weekend, and the main attraction is the big carnival parade on Sunday